We have had the honour of designing custom wedding packages for thousands of couples and we put the same love and attention into each order no matter how small.  Our family business was launched with the mantra that every couple should be able to include stunning flowers into their wedding planning without it costing a small fortune. Each year we learn a little bit more about what our customers would love to see, and our portfolio grows weekly,  we work with some of the UK's top suppliers and keep upto date with current trends - we'd love to help you bring your vision to life... we would love to hear from you and can be contacted at sales@thebridesbouquet.co.uk in the meantime we hope the following information may be useful and believe it or not the most asked question we get asked is - 

"Are you flowers fresh and how on earth will they last to my big day?"  -  although this is a huge compliment that so many of you think the flowers we use are real, as you will see from the descripions of each of our items we ONLY use artificial flowers!

Below you will find some more of our most asked questions 

Q: How do I care for my flowers?

A: If you're taking delivery of your wedding flowers well in advance of your wedding date then don’t worry too much about storing them we supply all of our orders boxed and tissue wrapped which we also lightly scent. So long as you store them correctly then your bouquet should last you a virtual lifetime and will provide you with a lasting memento of your special day. We recommend you store your flowers in a sealed box and out of direct sunlight to keep them totally spotless and dust free. As with any fabric based product, if kept boxed out of the light away from heat sources, cigarette smoke etc then they won’t fade or bleach. It’s best to store them in some sort of vase, inside the box, just so the petals aren’t crushed under the weight of the bouquet, so the petals aren’t being pushed against the bottom or the sides of the box.  If they start to get dusty then we  recommend a simple, feather duster to dislodge any particles, if marked then a gentle rub with a baby wipe will in most cases remove. **If your bouquet features calla lily then please keep boxed and out of light completely as they will discolour quickly in the direct sun.  Through time they will discolour in artificial lighting too.  If you don’t want that happening then we recommended that you store them in an airtight box in a dark cupboard.

Q: How soon should I order?

A: In short its never too early! We always advise our customers to place their order as soon as they possibly can die to how incredibly busy we get, and the potential for colour availability, 2019 looks set to be our busiest yet judging by the orders already booked in, so if you have already made up your mind then get your order secured as soon as possible, we already have orders booked in for 2020 weddings! Our system automatically requires you to enter your wedding date so we have a record of when the flowers are required by, Our current turnaround time is shown at the following link and this is updated regularly based on quantity of orders placed.

Q: Which wedding shows and events do you show at - where can we see examples of your work?

A: We don't advertise and yet our business is blooming (sorry couldn't resit the pun!)  We don't display at any wedding events or shows and have no plans to change this, we are a small family run team, when we are not concentrating on creating stunning designs for our wonderful customers then our family time is precious.... all of our work is displayed on the facebook pages, pinterest boards and on twitter and we use really high res photography so you can see our designs in high detail... the majority of our business comes from brides & grooms recommendation's which we think speaks highly for itself. You are welcome to order samples of the roses we use in lots of our designs and these can prove useful for colour matching as well as checking quality.  www.thebridesbouquet.co.uk/samples

 Q: Where are your shops?

A:  We only sell our designs through our website - we do not have premises which are open to the public and we never knowingly sell through 3rd parties! We work from an incredibly busy creative studio so our website, facebook page, pinterest boards and twitter feed all act as our shop fronts... by not having physical premises we are able to keep our costs down, which means we can keep our prices incredibly low... it also means we get to concentrate on creating!


Q: I would like to see samples, is that possible?

  A: Of course... We offer samples of the polyfoam roses we use in the majority of our designs... you can purchase the samples in your choice of colour for just 50p per rose head...

Q: I've seen a design I like but want to change colours... is that possible?

A: We have a massive collection of colours available which can be viewed here  SAMPLES  and the majority of our made to order items can be created in ANY combination of colours - so for example if you see a design in purple, lilac and ivory, it can be changed to include any other colours you wish! You can either leave us a note at checkout of the request to alter the colours or alternatively ANY of the designs at the following LINK can be fully personalised with colour choices and embellishments  (this doesn't apply to our ready to ship designs, which are all prefinished and one offs but if you see one you like and want something similar then of course get in touch!)

Q: If I place multiple orders at different times can you guarantee the flowers used will all match?

A: In short no... the only way we can guarantee a collection matches is if you order everything needed at the same time, due to the huge amount of stock we get through, slight colour variation can occur between deliveries  of flowers,  manufacturing dying processes and stock availaibility does mean that there can be differences in shades, equally the hand made nature of our products also means different ribbon, leaf etc can be used if there is a gap between orders being placed.


Q: I need a bouquet in a hurry... can you help?

A: YES!! We have a range of bouquets READY TO SHIP - Any of our unique, one off designs can be sent straight away, but the rest of our items are created by hand, so if you need a bouquet at short notice, these will be the only designs we can offer, we add new bouquets to this page regularly.

Q: I have placed an order with you and haven't had confirmation from you that the order has been received... why not?

A: Our website automatically generates a thank you email as soon as an order has been placed successfully, it comes from our websites own email address and is sent  to the email given to us at the time of order by the customer, these are sent each and every time an order is received without fail, so, please check your spam folder/filter as you will definitely have been sent a message thanking you for your custom and explaining the design process/delivery timescales etc. You will also receive a receipt email from paypal for your payment to us. The next time you hear from us (unless we need to clarify any detail of your order) will be once your flowers are completed, then an email is generated to let you know the order is on its way and we also add the tracking number to the paypal payment. Everything will be in hand with your order and you can rest assured it will be with you well within the delivery times quoted on the website.

Q: I saw one of your one off bouquets which I wanted... its now been sold... can you recreate it for me?

A: Sorry but all of our unique bouquets are just that... totally individual and one off pieces, once that bouquet has been sold, it won't be replicated... so hurry, if you see on of our one off bouquets act quickly to secure the bouquet of your dreams!  New designs are added very regularly (when we get the chance) so there is bound to be something new soon that will catch your eye! If you have seen a design on our facebook page, on another website then why not send us the photo and see how we can help?


Q: Why do you not have a phone number I can call you on?

A: We are a very small team and we get 100s of enquiries daily, if just a fraction of these were phone calls we wouldn't get any work done (we can all natter for hours!!!) by keeping our enquiries to emails and web forms, we can answer your questions fully and have a record of what has been discussed, we spend lots of time making sure we know exactly what it is you wish to create and we pride ourselves on being friendly and concise in our answers, we get to reply to you in between creating orders and sometimes late at night when we get the chance! By keeping our enquiries to emails we get to remain the small team that works so well together... you will get a reply in most cases from the designer who would create your order... 

Q: I live overseas and want to order one of your bouquets/packages... is this possible?

  A: YES! We now ship Worldwide, Due to the complexity of shipping worldwide, our website does only calculate Domestic, UK shipping, overseas customers will be invoiced the postage cost after the order has been placed, we realise that shipping to other countries can be  expensive and we will endeavour to get the most competitive price for your consignment,  for yours and our piece of mind we will only ship via a service that requires a signature. 


Q: What if I buy one of your designs and then change my mind?

A: We offer a totally personal service and all of our designs are created to your exact requirements, this takes time and means you receive exactly what you have requested... because of this I'm afraid that we don't work on a sale or return basis, so we don't accept returns unless we have supplied incorrectly.


Q: I would like you to create a bespoke collection for me... where do I start?

A: We love working with you to create something totally unique to you... get in touch with your wedding date and ideas and lets see what we can do! Please bare in mind though that sourcing and creating unique packages takes time so please allow us plenty of notice.


Q: I have seen a bouquet from another website... your prices are so much lower... WHY??

  A: Quite simply because we keep our overheads  low by not having retail premises, we are also a small team... large numbers of staff mean a large wage bill... it also means we have consistent quality as we are quite "precious" about your order and you get a totally personalised service!  We are also loyal customers ourselves, we have built up fantastic relationships with a small group of suppliers, this ensures we get the best prices for our raw materials and a consistent level of quality, we choose our suppliers carefully and each one has many years of experience themselves in the industry, they too are all family run UK businesses.


Q: You created my wedding flowers and I want to send you some pictures to use on your website and facebook pages, how do I do that?

A: We ADORE seeing your photographs (and so do potential new customers!) its one of the reasons we LOVE our work so much... you can email your photos to us along with the date of the wedding, you and your partners names as well as the name of the venue and we will share them with the rest of our lovely customers!


Q: I want to collect my order from you to save money on postage... can I?

A: Sorry but we don't have retail premises, and our studio isn't open to the public to visit so we we don't offer a collection option. We use Royal Mail, UPS or Parcel Force to post your items in most cases.


 Q: I have seen another website offering to dye flowers to match my colour scheme - is this a service you offer?

A: I'm afraid not, hand dyed or painted flowers cannot be guaranteed as colourfast, because of this its not a service we offer... all the flowers we use are colourfast, hand dyed flowers risk bleeding or running ... and would ruin your dress... therefore we DO NOT dye any of our flowers, we use as supplied by our trusted manufacturers and wholesalers

 Q: Can you send me a catalogue and price list?

A:  We offer a fully personal sevice and our ranges are growing and  designs changing almost  daily, because of this any literature we had printed would be out of date almost as soon as it was completed!   Our website acts alone as our catalougue and is updated weekly but you can also find examples of our previous work on pinterest and our facebook pages. Obviously if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for we are happy to offer quotes based on your exact requirements if you contact us with your ideas, but you will find examples of our pricing structure at the following link which we hope will give you a better idea of the fantastic value and quality we offer.

Q: What are your flowers made of and are silk flowers actually made of silk?

A:The word "silk", when describing fake flowers, does not mean the item is made out of silk. Keeping to industry standards, the word "silk" is now used to describe a flower or plant that is artificially made. It does not mean that the material used to make the flower or plant is silk. Materials used may depend on the quality and the final shape requirements of the flower head or leaves, and may include, but are not limited to: polyester, nylon, PVC, latex, rubber, and silk.

Have a question we haven't covered here? Get in touch and we will do our very best to help!